Vintage Garden Syringe Sprayers    


The information on manufacturers provides a link to manufacturers page where you will find photographs of the sprayers and be able to access other information. The list includes all UK manufacturers I am aware of who produced hand held sprayers or dust applicators (up to c1960).  Also included are some overseas manufacturers where I have one of their sprayers in my collection.  I also have a number of sprayers in my collection which have no manufacturers marks.  These can also be accessed through one of the unknown categories at the foot of the page. Items which are not sprayers are included with the sprayer manufacturer where applicable, otherwise they are  in with ‘Other Types’.  Some ‘manufacturers’ did not make the sprayers, but had them, made by one or more companies, to their specifications. In other cases retailers had their own name or brand added  by the manufacturer.  Many manufacturers use brand names or gave sprayer models individual names.   Click for an index  of brand/model  names.

W T French

Abol Ltd

Allen & Freeman

Apex Inflators Ltd

Benton & Stone Ltd

Cooper, Pegler & Co

Corry & Co London (Retailer)

Crossland & Wood Ltd

Eclipse Spraying Co Ltd

Donald Edwards (Birmingham) Ltd

Four Oaks Spraying Machine Co

R Harris (Brass Founders) Ltd

Ernest H Hill Ltd


Smith & Davis Ltd

Solo Sprayers Ltd

Testar & Swain Ltd

Philip B Waldron & Co Ltd

Samuel Nye & Co

Holder-Harriden Ltd

Robt T Deakiin (USA)

C G Lawson

Martineau & Smith

ICI (Sybol)

Burmex  Sprayers Ltd

Cooper McDougal  & Robertson Ltd

Cromessol Co Ltd

Adie & Nephew Ltd

Germstroyd  Ltd

Monitor Engineering and Oil Appliances Ltd

H T Milward & Son Ltd

Haven Engineering Co

Taylor Law & Co Ltd

Carters Tested Seeds  Ltd

New Hygiene Ltd

Peter Cassidy  Hull

Hawker Botwood Ltd

Osman & Co London

(The) Stonehouse Works Co.

Robinson Brothers Ltd

Thomas Hickin

T N Waldron Ltd

Evers & Wall Ltd

A C Wells & Co Ltd

David Green & Son

G & W Purser Ltd

(The) Stott Distributor Co Ltd

Metal Box Co. Ltd.  

ACME (Sales) Ltd

A A Baker, Brighton

Dicksons (Nursery)

C T Skelton & Co Ltd

Joseph Walker Ltd

Read (John and Richard), London

Agustus Siebe



John Warner and Sons

Sutton, Reading (Retailer)

Tylor & Son

E Allman & Company

Boots the Chemist, Nottingham

Carpenter & Allen

Collings & Wallis Hilming Horticultural Ltd

Condrup Ltd

Wm Corry & Co Glasgow

W J Craven & Co Ltd Evesham

T Denston & Sons

Dorman Simplex Sprayer Co.

Drake & Fletcher


Elso Products Ltd

The FNP Manufacturing Co Ltd

Esso (Flit)

The Hart Agricultural Engineering Co Ltd

Heppell & Co

Thomas Hill

Kent Engineering and Foundary Ltd

H Kirby and Co

William M Marples & Sons Ltd




Smith Sprayers


Tomlinson & Hayward

W Weeks & Son

W H Willcox

William Wood & Son Ltd  

Wood & Perkins Ltd

Unknown  is divided into four categories.

Other Types (including non sprayers)


Syringe with spray nozzle

Syringe with Rose/Jet only

Self Supply including continuous

John Phillips

Chadburn Bros

Raid Sprayer Co

Thomas Green & Son

Hilming Horticultural Ltd

Rega (Australia)

Albert Phillips

Mack & Miln Darlington (Retailer)

G & T Fowler (London)

Monro (Retailer)

G H Elt Ltd  (Eltex)




Smith D B Utica USA

Secto Co. Ltd, Blackburn

Practolin Products Ltd

Townson & Coxson

Peter Ross and Sons

Talfacto (Blackpool)

Thureau,  Paris

Wright  & Cos