History of Garden Syringe and Self Supplying Sprayers

Early Syringes  -  150 AD to  late 16th Century

17th  and   18th  Century


In  the following pages I am attempting to  set out the history of garden syringe sprayers.   Primarily, this history is about UK syringes, but where necessary  development in other countries has been mentioned.  There are some important milestones in the development of syringe sprayers, however,  new inventions and discoveries were often slow to replace established approaches. In many cases the old and the new continued alongside one another for many years. Sometimes this was because of the additional cost of the new approach and sometimes because the developments  were not of value in all situations. For example, the basic syringes with a simple, rose and jet nozzle  were  more than adequate for most spraying tasks and very cheap, so they were never totally replaced by the more complicated spray nozzles and attachments.   

Early 19th Century

1900’s and  1910’s

1920’s and  1930’s


1960’s to the end


In  the following pages I am attempting to  set out the history of  hand held self supplying sprayers.  These are sprayers which draw liquid from a container via a  flexible tube. As with the syringes this is about UK manufactured sprayers,  with reference to overseas  designs where appropriate.  The dividing line between continuous sprayers and the stirrup pump type where the barrel of the sprayers  goes into the container is  not always clear, so the design of the stirrup pump type  has also been considered where necessary.